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Our brand-new single kayaks are built for rugged durability and maneuverability.  Choose from a sit-on-top style, easy to enter and exit and built for good-weather touring, or our traditional kayaks, which are built so that larger paddlers can enter and exit more easily and have just enough cargo space for an overnight adventure. 

The waterfall picture, Canoe Point, depicts a beautiful destination that's just right for an ambitious kayak day trip or an overnight tent adventure near Craig.  

Included in the kayak rental package are:

  • Paddle

  • Lifejacket

  • Waterproof first aid kit

  • Pump/sponge/throw rope kit


It is highly recommended that you bring your own survival equipment and signaling device (whistle, light). 

You are responsible for knowing your route, typical and expected weather conditions, and any laws or regulations that may apply. 

 PRICE | $50.00 / PER KAYAK

Ask about our multiple day discounts.


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winter kayaking


Our lightweight, durable Royalex canoes are designed for easy paddling and an occasional bump or ding.  Come see some of the most beautiful old-growth forests on the island on the Sarkar Canoe Route for which unparalleled wildlife viewing, remote solitude, and fantastic fishing. 


You can do it in a long day, traveling light, but the Sarkar route is far more enjoyable if you have a night to spend out in the wild.  The Honker Canoe Route is not for the fainthearted, but boasts some of the wildest inland country on POW.  You’ll need two nights to complete this arduous journey, but you’ll undoubtedly return with stories to tell.

PRICE | $40.00 / PER DAY

Ask about our multiple day discounts.

Canoe Point waterfall
Paddle the wilder side
Paddle with the girls
Kayak country
Paddle paradise
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