Fishing POW gets in your system…

A day on the ocean fishing here on Prince of Wales Island can change your life. I founded this company in part because I got addicted to saltwater fishing the second I caught my first ocean fish. And I caught my first really BIG fish with one of these men…Ken Sr. He and his son, Ken Jr., have been wonderful, loyal, and hilarious friends of mine for going on 20 years.

Had a day reconnecting with these two today on their burly ACB boat and man, did we have some rough stuff to contend with on the way home! The boat (and the Captain) handled it like champs. Not a very fishy day, but a very enjoyable day with two guys I’m grateful to know. Incidentally…my first really BIG fish? An 82 lb halibut with Captain Otto Greene, whose charter days may be over but who will live in my memory forever. Enjoy a couple of quick videos and photos. Then call us and plan your POW visit to make some memories of your own.

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