South Prince of Wales Wilderness Area

If you thirst for wild, remote places with little to no evidence of human activity, South POW Wilderness Area is a place you’ll want to visit. This area is seldom used by visitors, but sea kayakers have, in recent years, begun to travel through its numerous islands, bays, inlets and hike around its rugged shorelines. Wildlife abounds, in part because most of this area (all Federal land) has never been logged; the old growth trees here, while beautiful and large, have a high level of “defect” and thankfully are of little marketable value. But they are of high value to wildlife, and in certain areas, have cultural significance. This area is not easy to access. A boat trip from Craig to Klakas Inlet is a 3-4 hour excursion. From Hydaburg, it’s at least an hour down to the same area. Tlevak Strait can pose potential hazards, and Cordova Bay can definitely get big and bad, so the weather forecast becomes the deciding factor on how far South to run, which areas to access, and whether the trip is even advisable. Satellite and VHF communication devices are a must-have here. Some commercial fishing traffic takes place up and down the Strait, but not close to what occurs in the waters West of Craig/Klawock. The area is very isolated and far from most human activity. While there are numerous shorelines, many are inaccessible for camping or even stopping off; careful planning is key! Prince of Wales Excursion Outfitter and friends are doing the research, making the treks, and have now accessed this area several times. We can offer GPS locations of several camping areas suitable for kayakers, boaters, wildlife enthusiasts, and others who wish to experience one of the most remote Wilderness areas in North America. As we gain knowledge and experience in this area, we hope to be able to equip and  offer more small-group transports to SPOW. Plan your trip to this special and seldom-seen place with us today.

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